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11: Istanbul a Boiler, Sabine Schiffner a Ladle: Searching for Zeynep

2021 at a glance, a selection of events in January, Sabine Schiffner's project Searching for Zeynep

10: “Speaking in Turkish Changes My Heart’s Climate”

The Germany Years of Neşet Ertaş, Kreuzberg Hip Hop Culture, Chefket Interview

09: Murat G.: “Turkish Rap was a Baby Born to Germany”

Our hip hop casefile takes off with Aziza A., Erci E., Murat G.!

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Istanbul a Boiler, Sabine Schiffner a Ladle: Searching for Zeynep
Written by Çağla Vera Edited by Sedef İlgiç Translated to English by Işıl İlker In the good old days, the photographs that captured our most special moments were preserved in albums. Every time we opened these albums, our memory used to be refreshed.  German writer and poet Sabine Schiffner,...
A Selection of Events / January
- Being There: Presence and Reverberation: Simon Wachsmuth's exhibition can be seen until January 16th at NOKS Art Space in Kadıköy, Istanbul. Simon Wachsmuth © Ayşe Hümeyra Demirci - Nasan Tur, No Surrender: Germany based artist Tur’s solo exhibition in Istanbul Dirimart includes his recent...
Kreuzberg Hip Hop Culture: "Your Weapon is The Mic, Your Drug is Spray Paint!"
> "The instructions of the principal of the hip hop school of life went > something like: yell as loud as you can! Talk in capital letters! Be heard and > noticed. Don’t mess with one another! Keep the knives in their sheaths, talk > instead of resorting to violence. Your weapon is the mic, your...
Chefket: “Speaking in Turkish Changes My Heart’s Climate”
The words of protest, “You’re always labelled as the ‘Turk’. I’m sick of being reduced to my background, because I’ve got a lot of interesting things to say. I want to make art. Imagine an artist with German parents who is constantly asked about his Germanness. I can’t and I don’t want to represent...
The Germany Years of Neşet Ertaş
> “Gurbet, longing, is like a rock in the hearts of all.” Garip, the Neşet Ertaş documentary Neşet Ertaş, the Turkish folk bard and last great representative of the tradition of the Abdal, has a family history and likewise a life story full of immigration accounts suffused with a sense of...
Erci E. :"I learned one thing from Cartel: Everything you say matters."
We met rapper Erci E. in Berlin; who made his breakthrough with the Turkish hip hop group Cartel and continued his music carreer non stop since then. Join our conversation on the birth of Turkish rap in Germany, its inspirations, Cartel years and on the Turkish rap scene today...
Murat G.: “Turkish Rap was a Baby Born to Germany”
The second case file of our #60JahreMusik project entitled Hip Hop begins with our Murat Güngor interview, better known by his stage name Murat G. Murat is a musician who simultaneously pioneered and witnessed the birth of Turkish rap in Germany. He is also a researcher of hip hop culture who sees...
Martin Greve In Short
Translated to English by Zeynep Beler. > > I was living in Berlin and all my neighbors were Turkish. I worked up a > > connection with the kids of my closest neighbors. In turn they wondered what > > this German was up to. I played the recorder for them and then gifted them > > with their own. In...